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Wir sind umgezogen. Unsere Community befindet sich nun hier:

Dein Profil findest du dort wieder und kannst dich mit dem gleichen Benutzernamen und Passwort anmelden.


We have moved. Our community is now here:

You will find your profile there and you can login with your usual username and password.


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The rules (very easy): No Childporn, no Childsex! Don't insult or offend other users. Please keep the topic. Frontier Theme

Please register your nick!

For legal reasons we must change to another chat. The good news is, now we have personal profiles. The bad news is, if you already registered your nick, you must do it again. Please apologize it.

There is a problem with InternetExplorer 11. If you use it and can’t register your nick (green bar running), please put this site to the compatbility view list. We recommend to use firefox or chrome as browser.

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